Thursday, September 4, 2014

A cup of tea and some push-ups

Luanda and boredom.  I'm not going to lie that everything is perfect!  I really miss going out for a walk a run, to the stores whenever I feel like it.  Yes, there is the marginal and the beach.  Though going there is not the easiest.  I'm also not very comfortable walking alone with Stefan in the streets.  

My day starts with a cup of tea followed by some push ups, followed by reading baby books over and over.  

Then the nap time!  Hooray.  

That's when I take time to exercise or just search the internet.  Afterwards I prepare the dinner while Stefan opens the oven and all the cabinets in the kitchen.   

Some days we go to visit Stefan's friend for a play date and other days to the park.  

Anyways this is my schedule for now.  I'm not complaining!  I'll be traveling soon to Moldova to see my family.  Exciting!  

This is the best time of the year to visit.  I can already see Stefan picking grapes all day long.  I've to remember to bring his helmet along with me. 

Aren't the automn's mornings the best?! The smell. The fresh air.  So clean and refreshing!  I can't wait to go running in the hills and see the sunrise.  Ok, I admit I'm a little home sick. 

Below are some pictures from this weekend' strip to the beach.   The baobab trees are truly amazing! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Luanda

We are here!  

But we almost didn't make it.  First, our dog was not allowed on the plane. But because she is small they made an exception and let her on anyway. Then we forgot to take her papers out of the suitcases.  

There I was, at the airport, within 30 minutes of boarding, looking through our luggage for Daisy's passport and health certificate.  Oh, what a hectic day!  We almost gave up.  Everything about the move was very stressful and required lots of planning that didn't always click.  The flight, even though it was 14 hours long, wasn't awful.  The food was good, there was plenty of space and snacks.  I ate the whole time!  Ah they had Scottish cookies!  Darn they are good! 

It was an experience that taught me how to be more prepared and be ready for obstacles.  In the end such moments make you a better, wiser person.

Out first two days have been pleasantly easy.  We are tired but pushing through. We got to meet some new people, Stefan got to play with some kids and dogs... 

To compare Luanda to Chad!  Luanda has anything you want.  A little pricey but really not that bad.  The stores in Chad were a lot smaller and a lot more expensive.  Though I think Chad was cleaner...

Anyways it's nice to be near the ocean.  To be able to walk or run...  We went to a restaurant on the beach tonight and watched the sunset.  The waves, the cargo ships floating on the water... It was relaxing and beautiful.  The food was pretty good too.  I had an omelette and coffee and my husband had a burger and a pineapple mango juice.  The cost for two of us was around $65.  The grocery shopping that we did for a week was about $200.

In Chad the lack of food and restaurant choices was a constant challenge.  Here this won't be the case.  The grocery store carries my favorite butter "Kerrygold", I'm happy! 

Don't get me wrong I wasn't unhappy in Chad, I loved playing tennis there!

This is our news, not much else.  Wish us luck!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's talk FAT

Why am I choosing to talk about FAT?  
Because I love it! 

Fat in America is a bad word.  It is something to avoid and be scared of.  I learned this when I moved here.  Today this concept is becoming more popular in Moldova as well.  As a result people are getting fatter then I remember them to be.  Why?!  Processed foods are cheaper and more convenient!

Growing up in Moldova, we ate butter for breakfast and lard sometimes for dinner.  We never talked how bad it was for us.  We always enjoyed each bite.  We never felt guilty eating something sweet.  

Full fat cheese butter and milk was a staple in our house.  In fact my parents were paid in milk at one point during the communist period.  My point is food should be viewed as energy for surviving.  We should enjoy it and not feel guilty for ingesting a big piece of cake. :)

These types of foods can't be over eaten because you get full faster.  You feel satisfied and happy.  

We ate a lot of bread too!  It was cheap, meat was expensive.  Easy math that I  can even do!  You get it.  :)  

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe.  According to Wikipedia.  I agree.  Though there are countries in the world a lot more poor.

Moldovans eat bread with each meal.   I think that's too much.  My parents were always saying finish your bread.  We never did, we preferred the meat. :)

I understand it now.  They wanted us to get full so we don't get hungry an hour later.   We ate three meals a day.  I don't remember snacking unless I was picking it off the tree or from the garden.   We weren't snacking because we were outside almost the entire day.  

Anyways by eating more fat you need to eat less of something else.  For exemple less starch.

The result of eating healthy fats like avocados, butter, nuts... Is good looking skin and hair, happy and energized, hunger disappears...  These are some examples that I've personally experienced.  One important thing is you loose fat by eating fat.  You get to this point by eating less starch and sugars.

Love your body!  Smile!  It makes you feel happy and strong. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Life in Pictures

She's gone! :(
My sister had a great vacation.  It's been really nice to have her help me out with the baby and daisy.  We had so much fun!  Now I really miss her company.  I need to find a hiking body for the next month.  One month left and we will be gone.  Luanda is crying for us. :)

It's been so hot in Reno.  Thank GOD for the little rain we had yesterday.   

It's so hot that when I walk Daisy she looks for shade and jumps in the water whenever she has a chance.

Stay cool everyone! 







Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fifty Days

I'm already getting excited at the thought of moving out again!   Pack out and getting everything ready for a new episode of my life.  Visas, passports updated, flight reservations...  

A new home is awaiting us.  I have no idea if I will like it or not.  The city, the country, the house, the people...  I'm happy and ready for a new chapter though!  It's a lot of fun to make new friends, new activities... This time will be diffrent.  A lot more fun with a baby! 

I'm already setting goals.  One of them is to learn and speak Portuguese comfortably.  I need to find and enroll myself in a French speaking group.  Play lots of tennis.  Run on the beach.  Coach the little kids some wrestling...  

I'm planing on getting a garden started at the house and getting some chickens for the eggs.  

I'm ready Luanda!  Bring it on! 

Sure!  I'll miss the life in USA!  Who wouldn't?  

I'll miss Trader Joes and Whole Foods, the convenience of going to the stores and getting anything I please.  In Luanda it will be a bit diffrent:) .  

I'll miss Virginia and its green hills, the smell of fresh air from the mountains... Mount Rose, Lake Tahoe...

We will be back!  We will enjoy and appreciate everything even more!  This is the beauty of moving around.  You appreciate what you had a lot more.