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Living in America


I’m back!  I know that blogs aren’t read anymore as much as they used to be.  Nevertheless I decided to keep posting and come up with one post a month, so that I can keep practicing my English.   I’ll try to keep it entertaining.
My life has changed so much since my last update.  I don’t even know what to begin with.  
You are probably asking why have I left the blogging world?  A reason I can think of at the moment is that I felt a bit unsure, insecure about revealing my life too much online, another factor was that I worked while in Angola.

Anyhow, along the years I have made so many friends, and almost all of them are far away.  The life of the expats!  At times I feel overwhelmed, other times lonely.  To explain myself what I mean by lonely is sometimes I feel like I just want to walk over and knock on a friend's door without announcing my visit beforehand.  Just like I used to do at home in Moldova.  My cousin made the best tea!

Friendships - is not the only change in…

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