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a new beginning

It's once again the time for us to move.  The first question I get asked is- how do you feel about it?  Are you excited?  The most common reply I give is- yes I'm thrilled.

I rarely answer: I'm also scared and somewhat distressed.  It feels like I'm starting allover again.  I'm creating a new identity in a new country culturally different than mine.  Building new relationships with people takes time and effort.  For eight years I've been saying "hello, it is very nice meeting you" and "goodbye I hope we see each other again".  However with every "hello" t's an opportunity to  perfect my life skills.

In about a month we will be moving to Canberra, Australia where the political situation is safe and the grocery stores stocked up unlike in Chad and Angola.   I remember "supply day" was a big day in Africa.  People rushed to the store to get their raspberries and Brie cheese.   The produce there was brought by boat and…

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