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my lifestyle

I would like to share how my family and I have become minimalists.

Living abroad, moving every two years from country to country, we tend to acquire lots of unnecessary goods.

Two years ago in Angola we got rid of almost half of our stuff, from clothes to toys to kitchenware.  In a way we were forced to because we had just moved into an apartment with very little storage space.

Giving felt wonderful, especially when people showed gratitude.  I remember a few times I had my little boy choose a few of his toys to give away to the children whose mother was selling bananas on the corner of our street.  Many of these women bring their children up alone with minimal, probably without any state support.  I should probably not mention this subject although I feel people should hear about it.  Many women are sexually abused in this part of the world and as you can imagine, unfortunately they are left pregnant.  As consequence lots of these children remain homeless, sleeping on the streets,…

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