Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Life in Pictures

She's gone! :(
My sister had a great vacation.  It's been really nice to have her help me out with the baby and daisy.  We had so much fun!  Now I really miss her company.  I need to find a hiking body for the next month.  One month left and we will be gone.  Luanda is crying for us. :)

It's been so hot in Reno.  Thank GOD for the little rain we had yesterday.   

It's so hot that when I walk Daisy she looks for shade and jumps in the water whenever she has a chance.

Stay cool everyone! 







Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fifty Days

I'm already getting excited at the thought of moving out again!   Pack out and getting everything ready for a new episode of my life.  Visas, passports updated, flight reservations...  

A new home is awaiting us.  I have no idea if I will like it or not.  The city, the country, the house, the people...  I'm happy and ready for a new chapter though!  It's a lot of fun to make new friends, new activities... This time will be diffrent.  A lot more fun with a baby! 

I'm already setting goals.  One of them is to learn and speak Portuguese comfortably.  I need to find and enroll myself in a French speaking group.  Play lots of tennis.  Run on the beach.  Coach the little kids some wrestling...  

I'm planing on getting a garden started at the house and getting some chickens for the eggs.  

I'm ready Luanda!  Bring it on! 

Sure!  I'll miss the life in USA!  Who wouldn't?  

I'll miss Trader Joes and Whole Foods, the convenience of going to the stores and getting anything I please.  In Luanda it will be a bit diffrent:) .  

I'll miss Virginia and its green hills, the smell of fresh air from the mountains... Mount Rose, Lake Tahoe...

We will be back!  We will enjoy and appreciate everything even more!  This is the beauty of moving around.  You appreciate what you had a lot more.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Protein Powder Anyone?

No, thank you! I'll take the whole egg!

Trends are trends, everybody wants to be up to date.  Protein powder, coconut sugar, paleo treats...   Just an excuse to indulge and to be cool.   

-  Don't eat processed foods!  
The health gurus tell us.  Meanwhile they consume protein powders and other things like coconut sugar or Ezikiel breads.  It's still sugar!  It's still bread!  Doesn't matter what kind it is.  The gluten free is becoming ridiculous too.  

Just don't eat the things that have gluten (which is a protein found in wheat) if you are sensitive to it.  Shortcuts are not taking us anywhere.   Plus it's confusing for me when the yogurt or the IceCream says no gluten.  What?  Why?  No fat or low fat yogurt or IceCream?  I want the full fat please!  Nope, they don't have it.

Plus all of these special products are a little expensive!  Don't you think?  There are some good ones outhere I'd like to buy more often but it is not cheap!  Likewise almond butter or bulletproof coffee...

What I'm trying to say is that some pancakes once in a while won't kill you.  Especially if you are active.  As I'm writing this I'm preparing the picnic basket. :)  We are going to eat some S'mores tonight!

Disregard the sugar and the bad fats!  :)

Go Spain! 

Tomorrow I'll have a lot of calories to burn... :)  Life is fun!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Reno

We have finally arrived in Reno.   We had such a great trip.  Santa Fe was my favorite place to visit.  I'd live there if I could.   We also visited the Grand Canyon.  We did lots of walking, we didn't make it down the Canyon.  Too dangerous.  We tried though.  Then Las Vegas!  Stefan loved the casinos.  We did not win a million dollars, unfortunately, but we had a great time.   Then we went to Orange County.  We stayed there for about a week.  A lovely place dear to my heart!  The first city I visited in US in 2009.  I still remember the smell of the flowers, the palms, the first frozen yogurt... I thought I was in paradise.  This time I got sunburnt running on the beach. :(  We visited a farm and picked our own strawberries.  Then we indulgedin gourmet chocolates.  

I again missed again Bill Burr's show in Hollywood because you can't bring a baby to comedy.  Finally we drove through Yosemite Park and had lunch there.  The beauty of the place is indescribable.  

I forgot to mention that we did get sick on the trip.  Not fun!  Fortunately for me it 
lasted a day.  The kefir helped me recover.  Drink more kefir people!

At the moment we are catching up on our gym time and running.  It's very dry here.  Have to keep on hydrating.   Soon the adventure will restart.  Angola is next. 

    PS: Good to be home!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Road trip from VA to NV

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  As usual, I baked Easter bread.  The best part this year was the little Easter bread my Mom made back in Moldova.  My sister brought it when she came here.  Divine!  Thank you! 

In other news, we are officially packed and on the go.  We are now two days into a two week trip on the road.  It's not that great but not that bad either.  We're starting slow.  Today we hit Memphis.  I'm looking forward to visiting Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Fun times are ahead of us!

For entertainment we listen to podcasts and play the license plate game.  My husband is winning so far, but I'm only one behind.  The winner gets $50!  As far as how the baby is doing-- he is doing really well, thank God.  He has been playing with hundreds of toys (his favorite is my iPhone of course) and listening to some kids CDs my mother in law gave him-- very helpful.  He also walks whenever we stop.  This morning he walked around an Indian mound.  He's been munching on fruit and some crackers in the car as well.  Keeps him entertained.

Tomorrow we are driving about six hours.  We are stoping in Oklahoma City for barbecue.  For food we've been stopping at the Fresh Market and Whole Foods.  We are eating pretty well but too much-- and of course too many sweets.  We will need a cleanse when we get to Reno.  Anyhow we are shooting for Santa Fe.  Can't wait to get the good Mexican food there. 

Wish us luck guys-- we need it!