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no more junk

I would like to share how my family and I have become minimalists.

Living abroad, moving every two years from place to place we tend to acquire lots of unnecessary things.  Two years ago in Angola we started giving things away from clothes to toys to kitchenware.  In a way we were forced to, because we moved into an apartment with very little storage space.

It felt great to give stuff away not to mention the benefit of having less things to organize and clean.

We knew that we were moving back to DC and that we were going to live in an even smaller place.  We decided to live in a very comfortable neighborhood, near the metro, within walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, great running trails, playgrounds, a few metro stops from downtown DC and my husband’s work place.  Instead of buying a car we planned to rent one whenever we needed it, we would go by renting Uber, taking the train, walking and taking the metro.

Therefore we started to minimize our closets and cabinets e…

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