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strong inside out

A great blog post idea crossed my mind while running the other day.  Now when I’m trying to write it down I realize that I was just motivating myself to finish the three miles I had started to run.   
I was just dreaming of things I’d like to accomplish one day.  I tend to dream a lot.  I find it very motivating. 
However when I feel demotivated before or during a workout memories always inspire me to continue and to not give up.  For example I always remember my first run experience, I was 11 years old at the time and I had just started studying at the Sport School in Chisinau.  My coach took us out for a run and I will never forget how I felt when I realized we were not turning around anytime soon.  I remember the sentiment like it was yesterday, I felt like crying.  I used all my strength to hold my tears back.  I never wanted to seem weak.  My coach encouraged me to take it as slow as I needed to, and to focus on the squirrels along the path.  It worked. 
When I struggle to finish lo…

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