A beautiful story

A long time ago, a student from Africa came to Moldova to finish his studies at ULIM University in Chisinau.  Being in Moldova for several years he fell in love with one of his colleagues who, of course, was a beautiful women.

Unfortunately after three years his visa came to an end.  He promised to his love that he would come back.  They lost connection with each other.

After his departure she found out that she was pregnant, happy but worried she waited for his call.  He never called and he never knew that he had a beautiful baby girl back in Moldova.  Until recently when moved to Africa - in the same country the man lived - there was now a chance to help.

My aunt was the friend of the woman of which I have written; she told me this sad story and asked if there was a possibility to find this man.  I was stunned by the tale; I offered my help.

It took a year of research to find the father of this beautiful young girl in Moldova.  She is 22 years old, she has probably never dreamed that she would find her father.  Poor girl, I can't imagine how hard it was for her growing up without having a father next to her when she needed him.  She missed his support during all of the hard times and his companionship during all of the good times.

But the good news is just two weeks ago he called!  Now they are in contact.  I hope the next part of this story is they find a way to meet in person - if not, there's always Skype!


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