Cornesti, Moldova

Today I took several buses to get to my grandmother's house who lives in the north of Moldova.

Fortunately I didn't take the train, because it takes forever: 3:30 min, 100 km.  By bus it took me 1h 30 min and it cost 60 lei/5$; on the way back we paid a taxi 80 lei/7$.

About my visit to my grandparents: my grandma is always asking me to drink more of her wine and my grandfather wants me to visit every saturday because he is afraid of something ( I don't know what, because I didn't ask).

I remember the previous visit which was two weeks ago, my grandma was serving "tuica" cognac at 9 o'clock in the morning.  Let the lifetime stories begin.  LOL

These warm moments make me smile.

Ps: Hai fata mîcai inca un pahar de jin (vin).


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