Mao in Chad

My second week in Chad.

Everything seems very different and strange around here, plus very expensive!

I visited a town in northern Chad, which is called "Mao", it took us seven hours by car to get there.  A nightmare!

I enjoyed the trip a lot, because I got to see how people live in this part of the world.  The landscape was beautiful although people live like cavemen did many year ago.  Very sad.

Despite the fact of living in miserable conditions they looked content with their lives.  The kids were the ones who impressed me, they were smiling, running around, waving towards us, were staring and analysing our faces, clothes, everything.  For a moment I thought I was in Angelina Jolie's shoes.

Whenever the car stopped there was a crowd of kids surrounding us trying to sell stuff or beg for food.

I gave my chocolates to a child who approached our car and told him to share with the others.  At first sight it seemed that he doesn't want to share so I told him in French "partagez avec les enfants" but he didn't understand, so I repeted after my colleague in Arabic "gasumu".

I felt really bad for them.  I hope for a better future for those unfortunate kids!  They don't know anything about the internet, TV and the commodities we take for granted.

I will upload pictures later.  The 100 dollars internet I have at the moment doesn't work, it's slower than a snail!  They have two internet companys "Tigo" and "Airtel", both expensive and slow.


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