Composting in Chad

I hear people talking a lot about composting at home, but now I'm ready to talk about it myself and of course doing it!  The soil in Chad is really bad compared to the Moldovan soil, I have to work a lot to get some vegetables growing!

It doesn't seem to be as difficult as I thought, the more I read the easier it seems!

It is a long project but I'm ready to start.

First thing that I'll do right now is to buy a composting bag from amazon!

Some useful tips for composting:

Keep it GREEN! :)


Deseori aud oamenii vorbind despre compost, dar acum sunt gata sa vorbesc si eu despre acest subiect chiar si sa-l fac!
Pamintul in Chad este foarte sarac pentru cultivarea legumelor in coparatie cu cel al Moldovei, prin urmare trebuie de lucrat greu pentru a obtine ceva rezultate.

Nu este atit de dificil de a face acest compost asa cum eu crezusem, cu cit mai mult citesc cu atit mai usor mi se pare!

Este un proces lung pe care sunt gata sa-l incep!

Informatie despre COMPOST:


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