Grocery shopping in Chad

I went grocery shopping by myself today.  It is very different from shopping at Whole Foods.  The stores are very poorly supplied and super expensive.  I buy the vegetables on the street they are fresh and cheap.

I hate when I get out of the car and people harass me, beg for money, try to sell their airtel phone cards or the slow usb internet, sometimes flowers - which I buy at times.

So today I bought:
a pack of Couscous (500g) 1800F ~ 3$;
a kilo of tomatoes 1000F ~ 2$;
3 zucchini for 1000F;
a kilo of potatoes for 1000F;
four bananas for 500F ~ 1$
one bread for 1000F;
four avocados for 1000F ( that's a great price )
5 garlic cloves for 1000F

I noticed that the people were pretty respectful to me, one seller tried to trick me on the avocado price, other then that everything went well.




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