Spring in Chad

Spring has sprung in the normal world, not in Chad though.

Today as soon as I woke up I checked my Facebook and sure enough all my Eastern European friends wrote something nice about spring.  At that moment lots of nice memories have gathered in my mind.

First I should mention that in Moldova people wear a ''Martisor'' on their chest for the rest of the March month- a "Martisor" is a little flower pin; the kids give ''Martisor'' to their teachers wishing them a beautiful spring sometime even chocolate.  

My Mom is a teacher so now you can understand why I liked this day so much, I was waiting for her to get home to count her Martisor and chocolate if I was lucky!
But the best is the 8 March, it is Women's Day in Moldova so on that day my Mom would come home with lots of flowers gifts and chocolates! 

So it is a really nice atmosphere, everyone happy and smiley because spring has come!

Happy Martisor my friends!


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