Avocados in Chad

Every day, for almost three months now, I've checked on and watered the avocado pits I have been growing in my greenhouse.

When I saw them finally growing, I was so happy.  I couldn't believe it.

Now, I hope they grow strong and healthy so I can plant them in the yard.  Then I will be even happier!

I remember what my father told me once -- I was probably seven years old: in life, one must construct a house, have a child, and plant a tree to feel accomplished.


Timp de 3 luni, in fiecare zi am verificat si udat samburii de avocado.  Am fost atit de fericita cind am vazut ca in sfirsit au inceput sa creasca.  Nu puteam sa cred ca am reusit, chiar si acum mi se pare un miracol.  Acum sper sa creasca puternici si sanatosi ca sai plantez in gradina. Atunci, voi fi chiar si mai fericita!

Imi amintesc cind tatal meu mi-a spus o data, probabil aveam vreo 7 ani, ca scopul omului pe pamint e sa construiasca o casa, sa aiba un copil si sa sadeasca un copac.

Eu sunt aproape de realizare unuia dintre cele 3 scopuri.
Doamne ajuta si la celelalte:)


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