Fire ants in Chad

The other night I had nightmares about fire ants in my garden.

Unfortunately the ants are not just in my dreams but in my garden as well.  I'm not sure what type of ants they are but it doesn't matter because I don't want to see them close to my vegetables.

So, my number one preoccupation at the moment is: how to get rid of ants?

I've tried chili pepper and cayenne pepper.   This seemed to work for a couple of days but then the ants came back.  I've also tried drowning them.  This seems to work at first, but then they move away two feet or so and the problem still remains.

Today I'm going to try pouring coffee on the area where they live, and I will see if this works.

PS: Now I'm now short of chili and cayenne pepper.  I also saw lizards eating mangoes today!  They know what's good!


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