Gardening in Chad

I have the best green house in the world, it is small but it does its job!

I think it was a good idea to buy it for starting my seeds, because the weather is really dry in Chad.  At first I thought I didn't need it because it's hot enough here.

So the first week I planted some seeds and placed them in the green house.  I watered them once a day and kept the door closed at night.  In the morning I would open it to let some air in.  The seeds germinated in one week.  It was amazing to see it grow so fast!

After two weeks I planted some more seeds, and I decided to leave the greenhouse's door open at night to see the difference.  This time however my seeds took two weeks to germinate it took two weeks because there wasn't enough moisture.

Today I'm going to plant my first plants in the garden: cucumbers and squash. :)


  1. La cat mai multe plante verzi si frumoase!!!o zi minunata iti doresc!!!!!!


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