It's 45 Degrees in Chad

So the hot season started in Chad!

It is way to hot for me,  as well for my poor plants!  I don't think it was a good idea to plant them in the garden!  I should have grown them bigger and stronger, then move them.

I have even changed the place of my greenhouse, under two big trees, where it will have shade 24h of 24.

I was thinking today why did I purchase the greenhouse?  Why do I need a greenhouse in Chad?

In the garden is too hot, in the green house is way to hot, and we are always running out of water!

PS: My dog doesn't seem to mind the heat!  All she cares about are the lizard and the frogs around the house.

By the way, today I saw a cat with a lizard in its mouth!!!


I found the answers to my questions: why did I buy the Greenhouse? Why did I need it in Chad?

I bought it because it protects the plants from the direct sunlight and strong winds! And because it is awesome!

I did plant my sweet plants in the backyard, couple of them died unfortunately, but the rest of them started growing nicely!

It's not hot just outside but as well inside, two air conditioners cannot keep the air cool in the living room.


A sosit neinvitat sezonul fierbinte in Chad!

Pentru mine acest timp este insuportabil, dar si pentru saracele mele plante la fel!  Nu cred ca a fost cea mai buna idee sa le plantez in gradina pe aceasta caldura, cu toate ca le-am sadit seara.  Ar fi trebuit sa le cresc mai mari si mai puternice inainte de a le sadi.

Am chiar si schimbat locul serei mele, intre doi copaci mari, unde va avea umbra 24 de ore din 24.

Astazi ma gindeam de ce mi-am cumparat o sera?  De ce am nevoie de ea in Chad?

In gradinna e foarte cald, in sera e cald de tot si pe de-asupra rezervorul de apa e gol aproape in fiecare zi.

Ps: Caldura nu pare s-o deranjeze prea tare pe daisy, tot ce conteaza pentru ea sunt sopirlele si broastele :)

By the way astazi am vazut o pisica cu o sopirla in gura. O sopirla mare si colorata in gura la o pisica salbatica.


Am gasit raspunsurile la intrebarile mele: De ce mi-am cumparat sera? si de ce am nevoie de ea?

Am cumparat-o pentru ca protejeaza plantele de lumina directa al soarelui si de vinturile puternice.  Si pentru ca imi place ideea de a avea o sera, e cool!

Da! Mi-am plantat curpenii in gradina si deja citiva au murit dar ceilalti pare sa creasca sanatosi si frumosi :)

Nu e cald doar afara, dar si in casa!  Aerul conditionat nu reuseste sa raceasca aerul in casa :(


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