Something terrible happened to Daisy

I was bringing watermelons into the house and left the car open.  I came back out.  She, at some point, had jumped in and I didn't see her.  I kicked the car door shut with my foot and went back in the house to workout.  Two hours later I got off the treadmill and couldn't find her.  That wasn't normal.  Ordinarily she waits for me outside of my gym.

I found her in the car.  It was 110 degrees outside and in the car it was unspeakably hot.  I brought her inside and she was on the brink of death.  She was so skinny she looked like a skeleton and she drank four bowls of water and then her legs gave out and she fell to the floor.

I took her into my bathroom, where the air conditioning was on, and put her into the tub.  I gradually decreased the temperature with ice as she shook and panted away.  My wife called the vet and I kept cooling the dog off.

The vet showed, who spoke only French and seemed to know little about dogs.  He stuck a thermometer in her, checked her pulse, and looked into her eyes.  Even when dehydrated and in crisis, her eyes are captivating.  He seemed to think she would live but didn't have much of an idea about possible internal injuries.  I went to, or something like that, to ask for advice.  I emailed a vet that we were in Africa that Daisy had been trapped in the car, and described her condition.  For $17 a vet wrote back and told me to push my thumb against Daisy's gums and see what color they turned.  For all I know this "vet" could have been a 16 year old Nigerian kid shooting out advice.

Daisy's gums were pink, which was a good sign.  A few hours later, after much gatorade in her water and rest, she looked a bit better.  That evening, when it had cooled off and after she had drank copious amounts of water, I took her out.  Her urine was light colored and bloodless, like a coup d' etat in Iceland.  Her stool was brown and thick, like a Charleston Chew without the marshmallow center.  This was how the online vet had told me it should look.

I couldn't sleep and spent most of the night checking on Daisy in her crate.

The next day I carried her out to use the bathroom-- or more accurately, grass.  Her urine and stool were perfect, but what really made me confident was her sprint toward a lizard.

That five days ago, and I'm pleased to report she's pulled through.  There's a threat of kidney or brain damage after this sort of thing, but from what I can tell she's in form.  I pray that's the case, because Daisy is the best.

PS: It is damn hot out!!!


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