Horse racing in Chad

Last weekend we went to watch an important Chadian sporting event: the camel and horse races.  It was pretty unique to see the camels racing, especially when they stopped in the middle of the course and took a rest.  I felt so bad for those poor creatures.

Usually the animals are malnourished and very sad looking but last weekend, fortunately, they looked better than I thought they would.


  1. Нас 8 человек из России и мечта - поехать на офф роад тур по Чаду . Посоветуйте как это сделать. Были в йемене, Ливии, Судане, готовы к трудностям. Пожалоуйста напишите на С уважением, Георгий

  2. You should contact the travel agency if you want to visit Chad. Air France flies here 3 times a week. All you need is an airplane ticket and money. Have fun!


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