A long week in Chad

A long tiring week.  I wish I could sleep more in the morning.  Why does work have to be so tiring?

The other day surprisingly it rained for three hours.  The whether changed from light to darkness in two minutes, it was amazing!

The heavy dust storm came so madly then it started to rain so violently.  Everyone was watching the big event while having lunch.  My first thought was I wish I was home sleeping because I love sleeping when it rains. Who doesn't?!

Anyway, in four weeks I'll go on vacation for a month, who cares if it rains heavily?  I can't wait to see my family and have another adventure.  In three weeks, 5 days, one hour, 18 minutes and 8 seconds I will be departing for Moldova, then Scotland, London and again Moldova!  What a great feeling!


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