Greece beats Russia

It is very strange to me to see how  people here in N'Djamena are not interested in watching soccer tournaments.

Today we went to the Meridian hotel and watched Russia play Greece.  The only people watching the game was us and five Ukrainians.

It is hard to admit that hearing people speak Russian reminds me of home.  I spoke to them and it seemed that they were  kind of surprised to heare me speak their language, I didn't want to go to deep into the conversation as I almost forgot how to speak it.

It's a pity that Russia lost from Greece today.  It was such a bad luck for them tonight.  If Greece would have played better maybe I wouldn't have felt bad for the Russians.  I guess they are out of the tournament now.  Too bad that Poland is in the same position.


  1. Hi Cristina.
    Do you still feel some comradeship and affinity with the Russians as you were once part of the same country, the now dissolved Soviet Union? Some of the other former Soviet republics, most particlary the Georgians would have been happy to see Russia lose. Have a great time back in Moldova. I haven't been there: as close as I got in my Eastern Europen travels was Romania in 1990 not long after Nicolae Ceacescu was executed. The Soviet Union was more difficult to get a visa into at that time.
    Bon Voyage!
    Brendan in Melbourne, Australia.


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