I've finally found some time to search the internet and update my blog.

The start of the trip didn't go very well because our flight from Munich got in late in London.  The weird thing is, even though the flight was late we were at the gate on time for boarding.  To our surprise they turned us down because we did't have the boarding passes and we were supposed not to make the flight.   Anyway, we got in late but successfully.

The first day in Edinburgh it rained, we got what we were looking for. :)
The things I learned in the first day of my visit: 

1. A lot of people wonder during the night, and many police officers as well.  Which is a good thing.
2. I noticed that the girls smoke more then the guys.
3. They have a to of whiskey pubs.
4. Everyone was cheering for Andy Murray.  Fortunately or unfortunately Federer won.  My husband won 10 pounds.
5.  The guys wear skirts/kilts.
6. It is wet almost all the time.
7. The town is really cool, we enjoyed our stay in a small room hotel.

Now we are in Melrose, 30 minutes drive from Edinburgh.  We will stay here for a week.  I really like it here, it's very clean, green and the air is so fresh.
We rented a really nice house in the forest by the river.  We even have some chickens running around. 


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