London and Olympics Games 2012.  It seems to me that everyone is unsatisfied to have the Olympics Games here in London.  Everyone is worried and complaining, all the time about traffic, security, blah blah... 

London is great the people are interesting and the pubs are closing really really early.  

What's up London?  Why is everything closing up so early? 

No fun at all! Today I had to drink my glass of wine really fast-- five minutes.  I'm coming from Chad, don't you know?  I want to enjoy my drink!

Anyway, I'm having a great time here!  But I have to admit that I miss playing tennis.  Chad for me now is the perfect place and the perfect weather for playing tennis.  I have to start running when I get back though.  I feel that my eight years of wrestling are disappearing.  I hope I don't forget how it is to be a real athlete, I've become so spoiled lately!  I hope I'm not getting lazy just playing tennis. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

Ps:  By the way yesterday I did a pub crawl, we walked 10 miles and visited 8 pubs!  Unfortunately the next morning we skipped breakfast.  The Hilton hotel has the best breakfast though.  I wish we had it in Chad.  They will in 2014 but we will be gone by then.


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