Ramadan in Chad

When I was in French class, last August, everyone was talking about Ramadan and how difficult it is to fast because it is hot and humid.

Now that I'm in Chad in the middle of Africa I'm experiencing it.  Actually it is not as awful as I imagined it would be, people seem to be calm, happy and not as tiring as I imagined.  They are very excited about the ending of the Ramadan though.  
If you would ask them when the fasting will end they would answer with a big smile: hopefully at the end of this week.

One of my colleagues told me that he lost 10 kg in two weeks!!! OMG
We laughed today, though because in his office he has a Christian colleague who doesn't fast.   Compared to the other Chadian fellows he is a little fat.  So my colleague told him that he should go visit his village if he wants to lose weight.


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