Sheep for Eid

I have a habit of looking through the window into the neighbor's yard almost every day.

As today they are celebrating the ending of Ramadan, I was more curious than ever to see what are they up to.  I noticed that the little girls were wearing cute dresses.  They usually wear dirty clothes, but today everyone in the town was dressed up.  I've never seen this before.  Today it is like Thanksgiving Day for them.

Back to the yard: around noon I saw a nice, big goat hanging around their garden.  I wonder where they bought the goat?  It looked well fed, it had a lot of meat for them to enjoy.

At the end of the day I didn't see the goat anymore, I guess (I'm sure) it was their dinner.

I have also seen another goat on a motorcycle.  He had his hooves on the handlebars and was being held by the driver.  The goat probably felt the same way we do on a roller coaster-- only I doubt his day ended well.


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