Elvis Presley

What is a good vacation about?  Food?  Shopping?  Culture?  People?

Isn't it just wonderful when you get to speak to a stranger on a random morning and you get to know their best life stories?

Today on our way to My Zeil shopping district we met a wonderful elder lady.  Who visted her husband's grave and was waiting the bus to go back home.  She goes and visits her husband's grave every Sunday to changes the flowers with fresh ones.  Yesterday we walked through that same cemetery, we were amazed how pretty it was.

Her story starts with growing up with no parents.  Her father died in the second world war when she was just 3 months old and her mother died when she was 6.  She grew up with a family who treated her really bad.   So, one day she decided to flee the house and go to Frankfurt.  So she did.  In Frankfurt she got a job as a nurse and a room in the hospital where she leaved and worked until she met the American prince. 

Anyway, she was married to an American with whom she moved to the USA.   After a couple of years she had returned to Germany with two kids (they are not US citizens) and remarried a German.

What fascinated us, was that she had met Elvis Presley while he was stationed  here in Frankfurt.  
She was a nurse at the American hospital and that's how and where she had met him.  

Her interesting stories made our trip to Frankfurt a wonderful adventure.  

She has even invited us to visit her house!


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