orphanages in chad

For the past two weeks I had zero inspiration to write anything.

The bananas in the garden are doing great I'm started to growing beans, zucchinis and tomatoes.  I've tried to grow strawberries but didn't succeed, unfortunately.

This week I'm collecting toys/donations from other expatriates in Chad for a local orphanage.  I will visit them next Saturday before I go on vacation.

Some people say that helping orphans makes you feel better about yourself.  I don't really agree!  It's depressing to go and see the conditions they live in.

The donations we give them aren't enough to change their lives.  It's heart breaking.

See the pictures below.



  1. Hey!
    I agree with you that there are so many of them to help... but if we can help at least a helps! I can't wait to see these kids and give them some love :)


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