Back in the USA

Back in the beautiful Virginia.  Since I got back I've been busy trying to do so many things at once.

I started knitting a small blanket for the baby, which is not easy but I'm enjoying it.  I knit while watching " The Walking Dead", that way it's not as scary when the zombies attack.

I've been searching and learning about baby products.  Baby car seats are a real challenge!  I find it very confusing and overwhelming.  I'm still not sure which one to pick.
Product Image

This is the car seat I liked Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat, Mystique , but it's not out yet which means it doesn't have any reviews.

Product ImageI've been reading some Mommy blogs and by the 30th week of their pregnancy they have everything settled.  Their "To Do" lists before baby's arrival are very useful to me. I enjoy reading them.  Many though have too many unnecessary tasks.

Here is another car seat I liked: Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Keylime. It got really good reviews on "Amazon" but none on "Consumer Reports".

Photo: BrrrrrrThe most challenging task I've encountered is figuring out how does the insurance work.  I'm still working on it.  My first step was to create my account online with Blue Cross/Blue Shield  so I can keep up with and track our claims and receipts.

It is a very complicated website.  I hope they work on it and make it easier.  The web-designers need to know one rule: the more simple it is the better.

Anyway I'm off to the gym now.  Spring has sprung!


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