blueberry lemon cake

Lately I've been watching the Food Network like crazy.  The show Restaurant Impossible makes me feel reluctant to eat out.  It is so disgusting to see how messy some restaurant's kitchens are.  

Did you know that if the ice machine is not cleaned regularly it can contain salmonella?!  I'm not getting ice-cubes in my drinks anymore.  It's scary.

So watch out what you eat and where you eat.

If I had a choice, I would vote for restaurants with open kitchens, so people can see how clean the restaurants are and how the food is being prepared.  Just like the show Chopped.  They have the perfect kitchen model.

Restaurants with open-view kitchens and no tips.  

Here is what I've baked this week after I went blueberry picking.  Blueberry Lemon cake.  

It was yammy!


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