baby on board

We have arrived in Moldova.  The trip wasn't easy.  Fortunately the baby didn't cry.  He had some fussy moments, but thank God he was quiet for most of the trip.  

Going through security was challenging because I had a huge diaper bag and the stroller  Even worse, they made me take my shoes off.  The TSA people ran the stroller through the screener machine and didn't help me get it back down.  

So there I was standing (shoeless), holding a baby, and staring at the stroller trying to figure out how to manage everything.  I asked the TSA officer for help but he did not seem interested in helping.  He just looked at me.  Finally, I was lucky enough to encounter another couple with two little children. They helped me put the stroller down.   Well, that was the start of my journey-- not a very good one.

Part II:

I had heard that infants are allowed to board the plane first, in order to get them settled.   My plan was to get him fed, changed, and ready for the trip.  Well, when I tried to board, the women checking our boarding passes told me, we have to stay in line and wait for my group nr. to be called.  According to her it was too soon for us to board.  I stood up next to her until she had enough of Stefan's crying and finally let us board before our group nr. was called.

Part III:

A man who boarded ahead of us had volunteered to help me with the stroller, very helpful.  He sat in the row behind mine, he helped me with my bag on the way in and out of the plane.  I realized how important his help was to me.   I thanked him with the best rugalech/cookies, I had in my snack bag. I made them a couple of days before the trip.  He loved them.

Well there is my story.  Now I'm in Moldova safe and happy.  The long trip is behind us.  Another one is yet to come.


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