red pepper spread

Two years ago I tried this spread at a friend of my mother in law's house.  I still remember the creamy texture and the smoky flavor of this spread.  I haven't had it since.

I finally got the recipe and I can't wait to make it.  I'm going to save it to my blog so I can make it whenever I want.

My mouth is watering just from writing about it.  Yum! 

Here it is:

1 cup of toasted walnuts halves

4-5 slices of bread without the crust, 
processed into crumbs and toasted

4 fire-roasted red bell peppers

4 garlic cloves, finely chopped or crushed

1tsp pomegranate syrup ( or sub. 2tbs fresh lemon juice mixed with 1tsp light brown sugar)

6tbs extra virgin olive oil

4 tsp light brown sugar

Place toasted walnuts in food processor & pulse to consistency of bread crumbs.
Add toasted bread crumbs & pulse, then add the bell peppers, garlic, salt to taste, syrup, olive oil and the brown sugar. Pulse to form a coarse paste.  Voila!  Easy and delicious!


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