My Moldovan cat has taken a wine bath!

My mom had picked about 15kg of grapes from our garden, a couple of buckets to make some fresh wine for friends and family to enjoy.

After an hour of labor picking grapes, an hour of pressing them, a week of fermentation, the only one who is going to enjoy the wine is one of our cats.  

The cat had gone inside the cellar for a drink!  I went to get some carrots and I saw a blue, wet, shivering cat, soaked in wine, licking her feet.  She had taken a good bath and a large sip of wine. 

How I wish I had taken a picture of her!  Normally she is white with reddish stripes, but after the bath she was of a dark blue color.  She is probably about five months old, really tiny.  I felt so much pity for her because it was cold and she was wet and shivering.  No worries she found  my baby's stroller to dry up. #toamnainmoldova 


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