whole foods

I wonder how many people check the labels of products in the stores they are confusing and time consuming, at least for me!  It's becoming harder to purchase groceries, with the gluten free and no GMO and all of the other labels on the products.  It took me five minutes to only read the info on a box of organic cereal today, which I ended up not buying.

I believed once that Whole Foods had the freshest and the highest quality products. 

Although I was disappointed after buying and old cake.  I didn't check the label at the store therefore  when I arrived home I noticed the cake didn't look fresh.  I took a look at the label and there were two old labels underneath the top label - sell by 01-06-14 then 01-09-14 and again 01-12-14.

The next day I went to the store and returned the cake.  The manager was very surprised and upset, he immediately went and talked to the person in charge of the cakes.  He was nice to me and of course gave me a refund.

Out of curiosity I checked the other cakes from the pile I bought mine.  To the manager's surprise the other cakes were also old and mislabeled. 

From now on I will focus on buying fewer products so I have time to focus on the quality, price and label information.


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