welcome to Hershey

Those who invented the process of making chocolate are genius.  Chocolate is the best!  Everybody loves it and it will always be popular.  I like to eat the 100% chocolate bar with dates or any other dried fruit.

Last weekend we drove three hours north of Virginia to go visit Hershey.    We took a tour of the factory, not the real one.  They stopped giving tours of their actual chocolate factory a few years ago.   

We made our own chocolate bars.  It was fun.  We basically programed the computer to do it for us, and watched the process through the window.  Easy.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to do the town tour neither the chocolate tasting one.  We missed the best of Hershey I suppose.  Next time...

The baby absolutely loved the singing of the cows.  Here it is -

Did you know that Hershey is going to release a chocolate spread?  They are going to steal Nutella's business in the USA. 

Did you know the Hershey stock went up 1$ yesterday?  Now you do! 

Did you notice that the hydrogenated oils are not used in making chocolate anymore?   I read the labels at Hershey, there was safflower oil, palm oil, vegetable oil.  NO hydrogenated oils though.

Eat more chocolate chocolate and smile.


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