It's April and I'm ready for warm weather so I can start running outside again.

Easter is getting closer.  I'm looking forward to baking "Pasca".   Egg hunting should be interesting.

My little pea just started taking steps.  It’s very exciting.  Very soon he will be running around the house causing problems. 

After Easter we are planning to drive across USA.  We are starting in VA, about sven days later we should arrive in Reno.

I'm anxious about how Stefan will do in the car.  I've  to plan for the drive, get some games, toys to keep him entertained.  

Let's not forget about Daisy.  Yes she will be with us.  I wish I can teach her tricks to keep the baby occupied. 

We are already packing out, all of our belongings are going to go into a  container and get shipped to Africa.  Therefor we will be living out of suitcases for three months.  


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