road trip

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

My apartment smells like Easter.  It's been a family tradition to bake bread for Easter.   I really enjoy doing it too, not just the process but the outcome as well.

My sister is visiting us and I'm so thankful and happy for the Easter bread my Mom had baked and sent us.  The smell of my Mom's bread brings back sweet memories.  I miss her!

Besides good memories and eating lots of easter bread, we are officially packed and on the go.  We are now two days into a two week trip VA to NV.  

We're starting slow.  Today we hit Memphis.  I'm looking forward to visiting Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Fun, fun, fun.

For entertainment we listen to podcasts and play the license plate game.  My husband is winning so far, but I'm only one poimt behind.  The winner gets $50!  

As far as how the baby is doing-- he is doing really well in the car.  He's been munching on fruit and crackers which keeps him ocupied.  I hand him lots of toys (his favorite is my iPhone of course) and we listen to kids CDs my mother in law gave him-- very helpful.  I make him walk whenever we stop, this morning he walked around an Indian mound.  Very cool and interesting. 

Tomorrow we will drive for about six hours.  We are planning to stop in Oklahoma City for some delicious barbecue.

For food we've been stopping at grocerystores along the road such as Fresh Market or Whole Foods.

It's amazing to see how these stores are similar yet so different and unique in different states.

Anyhow we are shooting for Santa Fe today.  Can't wait to get to eat authentic Mexican food there. 


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