food for mood

I love butter, yogurt, lard, sour cream, cheese, avocados, nuts...

When I moved to the USA, I was very surprised at how many products were sold as low fat in the grocery stores.  I remember how confused I was about making choices buying groceries.  For a while I didn't eat yogurt or drink cows milk, I believed it was bad for me... 

Growing up in Moldova,  I drank fresh whole milk all the time.  For breakfast we ate toast with butter, honey or home made jam, buckwheat porridge or panfried eggs.  

For lunch it was often leftovers, such as soup, or something like soft cheese mixed with sour cream, boiled potatoes with marinated trout or sardines (we ate the potatoes with oil, salt, fresh onions and garlic).  

For a quick dinner we occasionally had lard with onions and garlic or a potato salad, it varied in dependence of the season.  As you can see lots of garlic and onions were consumed. 

Growing up, food wasn't discussed among my family or relatives as bad or good.  We always enjoyed each bite of what we ate until we were full and we never felt guilty eating something sweet.  

I remember one summer my parents had gone to Portugal for work, and I took care of my brother and sister for three months.  I'll admit we ate a lot of sweets.  It was great! 

After the soviet union had collapsed in 1991, my parents were paid in milk or other edible goods for a while.  I remember my dad raising two pigs, a cow and a couple of chickens so there would be enough food for us and to sell to make a few extra bucks.  

A pig was enough to feed a family for a year.  There was no waste, everything was used up.  I remember my Mom canning a lot of meat with fat in jars, they were called "jumere".  We cooked fresh stews and blood sausages all year long, of course we ate lots of borsch as well. 

My parents fed us three meals a day.  I don't remember snacking, unless I was picking something off a tree or a vine.  Before dinner I often was sent to buy a loaf of bread at the local store.  On the way back I would almost always have a few bites, I couldn’t resist.  I loved and always will, a good piece of warm and crunchy slice of bread.

Unfortunately the rate of obese people is increasing everywhere.  It's certainly more convenient and sometimes cheaper to buy the food than cooking it yourself.  

Sometimes, I wonder how it would be if I had to grow and eat just the food I grew.  I picture myself very tired.  


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