traveling update

We encountered some troubles at the airport in Houston, the plane we were to take didn't accept dogs on board.  It was news to us.  Anxious and stressed out about the trip we waited for two hours to see what happens.  Within one hour prior to boarding they fortunately had made an exception for us.  

Fortunately the suitcases weren't checked in.  Daisy's papers where at the bottom of one of the five bags we had packed.  I had to go through all of them twice!  The thoughts going through my head at that moment were indescribable.  Thank God I found them!  We were so relieved.  If you have flown with a baby and a dog before, you must understand what I'm talking about. 

Thirty minutes were left until boarding, looking through the luggage for Daisy's passport and health certificates was indeed a nightmare.

We boarded the plane - 14 hour to go!  I was so happy to get a whole row of seats just for us, yay!  It was a very comfortable flight with tasty food and great snacks, such as the Scottish cookies.  I ate a lot of those darn, delicious cookies, blame the stress prior to boarding the plane.  What an experience!

Out first two days in Luanda have been pleasantly easy.  We are tired but pushing through. 
We met some new people, my little pea played with a few children, the weather is nice and warm.  The house we were given is a bit old but hopefully we will make it work  for us. 

Now it's probably a bit early although comparing Luanda to Chad!  Luanda has much more to give, given the fact it is a much larger city.  A little pricey but really not that bad. The stores in Chad were a lot smaller and a lot more expensive.  Though I think Chad was cleaner and I enjoyed playing tennis with my friends, whom I miss very much. 

However, it's nice to be near the ocean, to be able to walk or run, I'm feeling thankful.  

We dined on the beach the other night and watched the sun set, the waves and the cargo ships floating on the water.  It was a very relaxing and beautiful night.  The food was alright.  We ordered an omelette, a burger and a pineapple mango juice, which cost about $65.  

The prices are definitely high, our grocery bill for the week  amounted to about $200.  I was stocked to find my favorite "Kerrygold" butter and cheese.


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