gift ideas


A great gift I received for Christmas, useful for everyone - bleutooth tracker called "Tile".  I might buy another one to glue it on our tv remote.

Click here fore more info.

Here are my top 10 gift ideas.  I hope I inspired you to be creative in choosing gifts for your friends.  Happy shopping!

For international people. My Russian box.  click here

For unique gifts.  Made in Moldova Sweaters.  click here

For world travelers.  Scratch places you had visited on this map.  click here

For creative toddlers - Playmobil toys made in Germany.  click for info

PLAYMOBIL Suburban Home

For little hands.  HABA toys.  click here

For Artists and enthusiasts.  Art pen and touch tablet.  click here

Gallery Item 1
Inline - 1

For girls.  Animal face masks.  click here

For bath lovers. Aromatherapy organic bath bombs.  click here

For tea lovers.  Flowering Tea.  click here

For runners.  Shoe safety light.  click for more info


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