letting go of things

I would like to share how my family and I have become minimalists.

Living abroad, moving every two years from country to country, we tend to acquire lots of unnecessary goods.

Two years ago in Angola we got rid of almost half of our stuff, from clothes to toys to kitchenware.  In a way we were forced to because we had just moved into an apartment with very little storage space.

Giving felt wonderful, especially when people showed gratitude.  I remember a few times I had my little boy choose a few of his toys to give away to the children whose mothers were selling bananas on the corner of our street.  Many of these women bring their children up alone with minimal, probably without any state support.  I should probably not mention this subject although I feel people should hear about it.  Many women are sexually abused in this part of the world and as you can imagine, unfortunately they are left pregnant.  As consequence lots of these children remain homeless, sleeping on the streets, begging for money.  It's very sad.

Anyhow back to moving, we knew that we were going back to DC therefore we figured we would probably live in an even smaller place than the apartment in Luanda.

In DC we decided to live in a safe, comfortable neighborhood, near the metro, within walking distance to the grocery stores, restaurants, running trails, playgrounds and of course near my husband’s office.  Arlington was the perfect fit.

Instead of buying a car we planned to rent one whenever we would needed one.  We would go by renting Uber, taking the train, walking and taking the metro.   A great way of saving some tax money too.

After searching for a place for a few months we had finally moved into a two bedroom apartment with a super small kitchen with almost no closet space.   

I still remember the day we received our shipment,  I had boxes all over the apartment not knowing what to do with them neither where to place everything.

As I was nine months pregnant at the time it was challenging shopping for furniture or starting any grand projects.  No joke we used an inflatable mattress and camping chairs for almost a month.  Pier One took forever in shipping our living room set, although IKEA was very prompt at delivering our comfortable beds.  We purchased a storage container that went over our parking lot.  I used The Container Store to design our closets, which turned out to be very spacious.

Recently I realized that we could have avoided buying the storage container simply by getting rid of a few extra unnecessary belongings.  (Now I know.)

Living with two children in a 950 square fit apartment is manageable especially when there is a public library and many playgrounds near by.  The Gold's Gym kids club saved me, it is so nice to get a break even if it's just for an hour.

Regarding my attire I decided to go seasonal.  Each season I'm going to clear out our closets and cabinets.  I will periodically revise our storage bins for unused, unwanted objects.  I'm only going to buy a few clothes for each season to wear instead of collecting garments I never like or use, same goes for my little peas.

We are moving again in a few months, therefore the cycle starts again.


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