strong inside out

At the Gym the other day I had a great post idea, now I just remember I was motivating myself to finish the three miles I had started to run.

When I have a sluggish, lazy day at the Gym, I always remember my first serious run back in school when I was 11 years old.  I will never forget the feeling when I realized we were not turning around that we were going to run for as long as my coach decided to.  I remember I felt like crying, but then I was encouraged to take it as slow as I needed to and to try finding the squirrels along the path.

When I struggle to finish my longer runs, I search through my memories again.  I start remembering my first wrestling match outside of Moldova, it took place in Lvov, Ukraine.  I vividly remember how I lost my first match and how I won the second one.  I took second place, although I felt I didn’t perform enough.  I lacked encouragement and self confidence.  

Afterwards, I start thinking about my first biggest competition- the European Championship which took place in Turkey.  This one makes me mad because I didn’t have a plan nor a vision before stepping on the wrestling mat.  I ended up winning the first match losing the second one, qualifying in the 6th place.  

That’s how I find my strength, I like searching my memory database to encourage and improve myself...

To be finished later.


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